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Key City Soccer Association
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Mission Statement:

Key City Soccer will develop youth soccer players in a fun, yet structured environment offering balance in regards to time, cost and commitment without having to sacrifice quality and emphasizing character development.  Key City Soccer Association believes in family, community and believes in integrity at its highest level.

Key City Soccer Association will:

Be fun!  And parents will be asked to just love watching their kids play soccer.  No critiquing of play, players, referees or even your child is allowed. Only positivity allowed!  No coaching from the sideline.

Teach kids soccer skills and tactics at a higher level.

Focus on development - teach kids to compete, and not worry about winning and losing.  This is a long term approach and challenging for society to handle at times.

Allow kids to play soccer and not have to compete for time with other activities.  

Build Community – we practice all our teams together at one location in “station” format.  Coaches get to know all the players in the club and kids that need to be challenged more can train with older teams when need be.  Kids on all our teams will know one another and support each other.

Keep Family First- scheduling will be family friendly. All our teams practice after school at the same time and the same location.  We will allow more time for families.  Kids will be home in time for family dinner and we believe that family events take precedent over our practices and games.  We also try to schedule our games so all of our athletes are at the same place / same time  - so families with multiple kids playing are not going multiple directions.

Reduce Escalating Fees –  our goal is to keep fees at a minimal, reasonable rate.  We have scholarships available on a need basis. 

Play by US Soccer recommendations and best practice and always have the kids in mind with all our decisions.

No participation medals.  Kids should want to participate for the fun of it.  We don’t need a medal for doing the bare minimum as incentive.

Participation in Key City Soccer Association is open to all kids.  If you know someone that might be interested, please help spread the word.

This program is sanctioned and insured by US Soccer via SAY Soccer USA affiliation.