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Key City Soccer Association
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Key City Soccer Association is flipping the script in regards to youth soccer.

Please make a tax deductible donation to Key City Soccer Association. 

Club dues are not sufficient to cover the level of programs that Key City Soccer Association seeks to provide.  Even, small donations (starting at $25) are welcomed.


"Pay to play” youth athletics has become a problem among all sports in the USA.   The cost and commitment to play youth sports has spun out of control, thus causing a culture of wanting to win and see results (people want results because they are paying for it)  vs. actually developing kids.   Further, the pay to play system is leaving kids out.  Many sports and sports programs have become only available for those that can afford them and the system is forcing kids to specialize in one sport far too young and the dropout rates are at an all-time high.

By seeking sponsorships and grants and being innovative in our partnerships, Key City Soccer Association has been able to keep participation costs low in comparison to similar organizations, but we want to offer more opportunities and lower our costs even more, especially to those demographics that are often missing out do to the pay to play nature of youth sport or do not have access.  Key City has also made a commitment to our participants and families in our offerings.  We have committed to practice times that are convenient and family friendly (home in time for family dinner), a game schedule that has limited travel and looks to have all our games the same sight each day and a philosophy that allows for kids to participate in multiple activities.

A donation to Key City Soccer Association goes directly to helping our participants – money does not go to administrative costs. 

Thank you in advance for your participation and generosity.  We will send donors a receipt for their tax purposes.

Key City Soccer Association is a non-profit 510 (c)(3) corporation, Tax ID #38-3992070. We are affiliated with the United States Soccer Federation via SAY Soccer